Do I get one Switchblade, or two?

One purchase gets you one pair of Switchblades.

Can I mix and match my pair of Switchblades?

No, each pair of Switchblades are identical style.

Is there anything I need to do to take care of the Switchblades?

Like any other item, the way you take care of it determines how long it last. Besides that, the only aspect of care we recommend is using butcher block conditioner to restore the finish of the wood (if ever needed). This is available at most hardware stores.

Where can we ship to?

We can ship worldwide. International customers are responsible for their own import taxes. Please consult your country’s import rules and guidelines.

When will I receive the Switchblades that I ordered?

For backers who ordered Switchblades through our Kickstarter campaign: Shipping is scheduled to begin March 2019.

For customers who are ordering after the Kickstarter campaign has ended: Shipping is scheduled to begin April 2019.

Will I receive a tracking number when my ordered is shipped?

All orders made to USA customers will receive a tracking number when your order is shipped. For international orders, we are finalizing details for tracking information so stay tuned. If you have not received a tracking number that means your order has not been shipped.

Are the inventory numbers (i.e. “in stock”) mean that you have Switchblades to ship out immediately?

No, the inventory numbers do not mean that we have Switchblades available immediately to be shipped out. Our Kickstarter campaign ended on December 15, 2018. The delivery schedule to fulfill these pledges start in March 15, 2019.  The manufacturing phase will not begin until January 2019. The stock numbers are high for all products except the Galaxy Edition Switchblades to emphasize that there is no limit to how many people can order those products. For the Galaxy Edition Switchblades, there are limited stock material which limits how many people can purchase this specific option.

Where can I receive updates about the project?

To receive project updates please subscribe to our email list and/or visit our Kickstarter page (updates tab).

Does the kickstand work with the USB-C charging cable?

Yes it does, although it is not designed for this. 

Switchblades work fine and will tilt the Switch back to about 35 degrees from horizontal, just be careful with the connector.

 Right angle USB-C connector; the image below is what it looks like. The wood shown below is a piece of scrapwood; it doesn’t represent any of the product line.